The Virginia Eye Clinic, PLLC, team believes that all people are in need of quality vision care, unfortunately not everyone has access to the type of care that they need. Because of this, the Virginia Eye Clinic, PLLC, team reaches out to the community through providing eye wear to people in need.

Local Outreach

The Virginia Eye Clinic has partnered with HIS Vision’s local program Sponsor Sight. The Sponsor Sight Program works through an individual donating $30 to sponsor a child in need. Virginia Eye Clinic has agreed to see these local children and provide them with an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Virginia Eye Clinic also collects used eye wear for the local Lion’s Club. If you have any used eyewear, please bring it with you to your next appointment.

School Screenings

Over the years, the Virginia Eye Clinic, PLLC, staff has provided voluntary school screenings to elementary schools in the Bedford and Campbell counties. The Virginia Eye Clinic staff is excited to serve the local community in this way and will be providing vision screenings next fall.

International Outreach

Virginia Eye Clinic has joined with the HIS Vision Project,  to also help provide eye care to those in need internationally. HIS Vision goal is to established an eye clinic and training program in Haiti. Virginia Eye Clinic is working with HIS Vision to help meet their goal. Staff members from Virginia Eye Clinic have gone on trips to Haiti with HIS Vision. The VEC’s staff support HIS Vision every Friday by wearing HIS Vision t-shirts and sharing about the organization.

Learn more about the ministry and how you can get involved at humblyiserve.org or at www.hisvisionproject.com